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How I started creating Hawaiian and Beaded Jewelry

I’ve lived in Hawaii since 1993. I love the Islands with the ocean, the salt air, huge waves crashing on the beautiful black volcanic rocks, watching the surfers and paddle boarders catching waves and feeling the soft white sand tickle my feet as I walk on the beach looking for pretty shells to keep
I have collected thousands of shells over the years and love looking at them, holding them in my hands, feeling the texture of each shell and thinking what kind of shell creatures lived in these shells before they washed up on the beach

I have a Pet Sitting business in Hawaii, also working on a memoir about my life in Hawaii and I had thoughts of making Hawaiian Jewelry for many years, only time was busy with other things!

I had a really close friend in Hawaii who’s homeless, his name was Allen. He created beautiful Jewelry and incredible Koa wood bowls and all kinds of trinkets to sell and live on. I knew him for 15 years and he was like family to me.

One day I found out he was really sick with colon cancer, and so he passed away quickly. Before he passed away, we spent a lot of time together and he taught me how to make Jewelry. It’s funny because the first time I made a necklace I was so thrilled to show him. I came to the hospital so excited and I showed him my plastic red beads all in a row on a string made into a necklace. I was beaming as I showed him my hand crafted piece. Now if you knew Allen, he is comical and always joking but very honest and blunt, so he looks at it a moment, trying to get the right words to say to me, he said, “That’s not a necklace, it’s just a bunch of beads on a string” We were silent a moment staring at each other as I am a very sensitive person, than we both burst out laughing. Good times. I have come a VERY LONG WAY since then, but I will never forget what he has done for me and how much he has blessed me.

He had such a heart of gold and gave me all he had for Jewelry making, Mother of Pearl pieces, lots of Stones and tons of beach glass he had picked on the beaches over the years. I told him I would keep making Jewelry for life, out of respect for him and it really gave him a peace in his heart before he passed away. 
In the Hawaiian Islands it’s a respectful thing to promise Ohana family to keep the business going after they pass away. Ohana in Hawaiian means Family and he was family to me. 

I started it as a hobby and it has grown into a wonderful successful business… dream come true. My friend inspired me to pursue my dreams and in that I’ve found peace and joy in creating Hawaiian style Jewelry and more!

I want to bless others with my Jewelry creations and I really have quite a diverse product.  My attention span is short, so my creativity is unlimited.

I love doing Custom Orders, they keep me busy and I love it! 

If you want any kind of beaded Jewelry or shell Jewelry made just for you, please contact me. I would love to chat with you. I have a large assortment of Mother Of Pearl, thousands of shells from the beaches, sea glass, arrowheads, tons of colorful beads and More. 

I love to wire wrap and can wire wrap just about anything, custom orders welcome

I love creating Hawaiian and beaded Jewelry and love the Island life! Message me about anything, I would love to talk to you.  Discounts may be available just ask! 

Mahalo nui loa

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